Campus Access

Berkeley has a variety of resources to help you access the campus's buildings, programs and services:

Campus Access Guide

The Campus Access Guide is a web and downloadable PDF guide that provides comprehensive information about physical access to the campus and policies and procedures related to full participation in campus activities. Maps include accessible building entrances, campus routes[pdf], and pathway slopes [pdf]. The Guide also covers transportation and parking, academic and non-academic accommodations, dispute resolution procedures, technology access, and other topics. There is also information on who to contact for persons with disabilities who have physical difficulty accessing campus facilities or paths of travel.

Disability Access Services

Disability Access Services provides information and assistance to the campus community and individuals with disabilities who require access to participate in University-sponsored non-course related programs or activities. Make online requests for Communication Services (Sign Language Interpreting and Real-Time Captioning) and Mobility Accommodations.

Student Emergency Preparedness Program (Evacuation Plan)

The DSP Student Emergency Preparedness Program [pdf] outlines the collaborative effort among DSP's Disability Specialists, the campus Disability Access Specialist, and students with disabilities in preparing for evacuation due to earthquake, fire, or other threatening situations.

Campus Disabilities Web Page

The campus disability resources web page provides a comprehensive list of campus resources for persons with disabilities, including students, staff, faculty, departments, and visitors. 

Getting Around

We have compiled a list of transportation resources called Getting Around Campus. This list contains resources for traveling on campus and in the local community. Also see Accessible Off-Campus University-Related Events

Last updated: April, 2014