Alternative Media Guidelines
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The following guidelines are designed to assist the Disabled Students' Program (DSP) in providing you with timely and effective Alternative Media Services. DSP continues to be actively engaged in identifying ways to better serve students with print disabilities. If you have questions about, or ideas for how to improve, any of the following guidelines, contact the DSP Director by email at or phone (510) 642-0518.

Upon request DSP provides alternative media for required and recommended course reading assignments including course textbooks, readers, handouts, materials posted to bSpace and specifically required or recommended library materials. Please note there are also Library services for students with print disabilities.

Enroll in your Courses during the First Day Tele-BEARS Phases I and II Open

Submit Your Request for Alternative Media as soon as you can

Ask for Help if Classes Start in Six Weeks & Course Materials Not Yet Available

If by three weeks before a class starts, you are registered for a course but have not submitted an alt media request or sent DSP an Alt Media Notice, DSP may not be able to provide that course's textbook or reader within the Standard Production Timeframes set out below.

What is an Alt Media Notice?

Making a Request for Alternative Media

When Will I Receive My Alt Media?

General Timeframes* for Obtaining Accessible (Edited) Alt Media

Expedited Production (Rolling Basis)*

*Specialized Text

Recommended (But Not Required) Reading Assignments

Requests for Extensions of Time

While You Are Waiting for Your Alt Media…

Where to get Your Completed Alternative Media Materials

Immediately Notify Us of Any Problems

Appropriate Use of Alt Media

Self-Help Options

Last updated: June, 2013