Faculty Responsibilities

When a DSP student registers for your class, you are notified by email that there is a Letter of Accommodation on the Faculty/Proxy Portal. You are responsible for reading the letter and then providing the accommodations listed.

  • Instructors should not compromise the academic integrity of a course by giving passing grades to students who have failed to demonstrate the required level of understanding or performance competency. Once instructors have provided accommodations, they should grade the work of disabled students as they would grade the work of any others.
  • If an instructor has difficulty providing the accommodations listed in a Letter of Accommodation or who disagrees with the accommodations should contact the Specialist who wrote the letter.
  • If the instructor and DSP reach an impasse in their discussion about and accommodation, they will contact the campus' Academic Compliance and Disability Standards Office who will examine the case and make a decision.
  • Instructors should not provide academic accommodations without a Letter of Accommodation.
  • Instructors should ensure that classroom materials, such as presentations, readers, handouts, and websites are fully accessible.

Last updated: September, 2011